When you buy a property in Alanya, you will have many options of places to visit.
Must See Places in Alanya
When you buy a property in Alanya, you will have many options of places to visit.

When you buy a property in Alanya, you will have many options of places to visit. The ‘’ must see ’’ places of Alanya are:

ALANYA CASTLE ( KALE): Castle is the most important historical place of Alanya.It has been built in 13th century and consists of 140 towers and 400 cisterns.The biggest and well preserved tower of the castle is ‘’Red Tower’’.The Shipyard and the old Church are other important parts of the Castle.The Castle is serving as open museum and is possible to visit between 9 a.m and 6.30 p.m.The entrance fee to the Castle is 15 TL per person.If you would like to have a property in Alanya with sea view,the apartments situated on Alanya Castle can be good option for you.

DAMLATAS CAVE ( DAMLATAS MAGARASI): The cave is situated on Damlatas Street,at the beginning of Cleopatra Beach.There are 15,000 years old stalactites,stalagmites and columns inside the cave and it is scientifically proven that the air inside the cave is healing the asthma patients who are having this illness for less than 10 years.

The entrance fee to the cave is 13 TL per person and 7,5 TL for children between 7 and 12 years old. The apartments in Alanya close to Damlatas Cave are having a great rental potential.

CLEOPATRA BEACH ( KLEOPATRA PLAJI): The beach takes its name from Cleopatra,last queen of Egypt.According to the legends,the Roman general Antony gave Alanya and its regions to Cleopatra as present.Everytime Cleopatra goes on war campaign,she stopped in Alanya,stayed in Alanya Castle and swam in the sea of this beach.

The beach is 2 km. long and is having blue flag. Every 50 mt,there are small buffets where you can have snacks with ice cold beer.If you are interested in water sports,you can make jet-ski,banana,parasailing and sea bicycle on this beach.As Nordic Trust Homes,we have some good apartments in Alanya just a few meters far from this blue flagged Cleopatra Beach.

DIMÇAY: Dimcay is the name of the stream coming from Taurus mountains and ending between Tosmur and Kestel.There are so many fish restaurants and picnic areas along Dimcay.It is a great

place to go in the high season when the temperature is over 40 degrees.You can swim in the cold water and breath the cool air coming from the mountains.The most popular dish of Dimcay is trout fish which you can eat as grilled or in the oven.No worries if you dont like fish,there are many other chicken,meat or vegetarian options which you can choose from.It is possible to see Alanya Dam at the upskirts of Dimcay.Dimcay is offering great choice of apartments in Alanya for those who love to live close to the forest and mountain.

SYEDRA CASTLE( SYEDREON): If you love history and nature,you must take a hiking on Syedra Castle.It is 20 km. far from Alanya at the east part.There is a huge history and beautiful nature waiting for you there.The castle’s history lies back in 7th century B.C and known as Syedreon one of the important cities of Roman Empire.The first money has been issued at Tiberius time which you can see it at Alanya Museum.According to the writings,the city was an important sports and competition center of the region.You can see the temple,cistern,theater,acropolis,necropolis,agora(wine production place) and 10 mt. Wide,250 mt. long street with columns in Syedra.

There is no entrance fee to Syedra Castle.If you want to live close to history,you can find some good properties in Alanya close to this archaelogical site.

ALANYA ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM: In this museum,you can see artifacts,coins,statues and jewellery from Bronze Age,Lydian,Greek,Byzantine,Seljuk and Ottoman periods.The museum is displaying quite rich collection.One of the most significant piece is the bronze sculpture of Herakles from 200 AD.


The names of the rest of the important must see places are: Bedesten,Sharapsa Inn,The Citadel of Alara,Kargı Inn,The Andızlı Mosque,Suleymaniye Mosque,Ehmedek and Leartes. Alanya museum is located next to the Cleopatra Beach apartments in Alanya.