Turkish Bath is one of the popular places to go for those who have property in Alanya.
Turkish Bath
Turkish Bath is one of the popular places to go for those who have property in Alanya.

Turkish Bath is one of the popular places to go for those who have property in Alanya.You can get rid of the toxins from your body by sweating in the bath and get totally clean after a smooth scrub and relax when you get a foam massage. The word ‘’ sauna ‘’ is a finnish word which means ‘’sweating bath’’.Sauna improves the blood and lymphatic circulation and makes the skin radiant and more elastic.The wood in the sauna absorbs the water vapour and preserves the humidity.Also it is a bad conductive which makes sure that the skin doesn’t get burned.Entering in the sauna and Turkish bath makes the skin temperature goes up to 40 degrees and body temperature up to 38 degrees.Body right away reacts with sweating and increases the cells in the blood.In the mean while neutralises all the viruses and bacterias.The relaxing effect of the sauna makes you get rid of all your stress and tiredness which is very useful for the nerve system.It also makes the immune system stronger which makes the body gets sick less often.

How to use the Sauna:

Do not get in the sauna with bikini,short or t-shirt but naked or with towel.You need to drink much liquid before entering the sauna.Maximum staying period should not be longer than 15 minutes.After you get out of sauna you should take cold shower to recover the body temperature and blood pressure.After the shower you should dry yourself and quench your thirst with water,fruit juices or tea.You should avoid from alcoholic drinks at this phase.You can repeat the same process up to three times.

Not to do at Sauna :

You shouldn’t enter to sauna wet,your body should be dry.You shouldn’t enter with rings,necklaces or bracelets.Spilling water on the Stones is not a tradition,it is a way to increase the heat.Generally the temperature in the sauna is enough,therefore do not spil water on the Stones for fun.If there are some other people in the sauna and you would like to increase the heat,you must ask their blessing before you spil water on the Stones.The steam sauna can provide different health benefits for each person,the common benefit is;it is a perfect treatment for every body and soul.The steam sauna has much in common with Finnish sauna,only the climate conditions are different.It is very useful with its high humidity ratio (over 100%) and low temperature ( around 45 degrees).A steam sauna can cure small sicknesses and makes you have more radiant and elastic skin.Making one session of steam sauna at each evening helps you to get rid of the stres of the day and lets you have smooth sleep.

The continous hot water and the ambient temperature of 40-45 degrees creates high humidity in the Turkish Bath which makes the body sweat and gets rid of the toxins.The scrub process which you get afterwards is some kind of peeling accelerates the skin renewal by removing the dead skin cells.After the scrub,you get foam massage which makes your body relax.Afterwards you wash your whole body with hot water and then proceed to the relaxation area.There you can have water,tea,turkish coffee or fruit juice to rehydrate your body.After sauna and Turkish Bath you will go to your property in Alanya feeling like totally renewed and rested.