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Dim cave is located east of Alanya, on the western slopes of the 1691 m high Cebireis mountain and at an altitude of 232 m above sea level.

Alanya's spectacular natural caves, Dim and Damlataş Cave.

Dim cave is located east of Alanya, on the western slopes of the 1691 m high Cebireis mountain and at an altitude of 232 m above sea level.

Dim Cave

When you buy an apartment in Alanya, you can visit the beautiful caves when you want. Dim cave, about 11 km outside Alanya center is open to tourists.
Dim cave is located east of Alanya, on the western slopes of the 1691 m high Cebireis mountain and at an altitude of 232 m above sea level. Slopes below are covered by pine forests and stretches down to the Dim River, the valley is used as picnic area both by locals and tourists. The people who live here call the area of ??Dim'li and hence the name Dim Cave.

Alanya Dim Cave

The cave can be accessed both from the Dim River and Kestel along paved roads. Along the roads leading to the cave are organized occasionally walks by the teacher Hasim Yetkin, when you walk along the paths crossing irrigation canals that lead to Yaylali village. By going this route from the Mediterranean Sea, the cave can be reached in 50 minutes while enjoying the view and the beautiful scenery of the Taurus Mountains.

Dim cave has a total length of 410 meters, the cave is horizontal and is classified as semi-arid. A 360 m long and between 10-15 m wide section is open to visitors, where you walk along the lighted walkways and admire the stunning stalactites and stalagmites formed by the water that dripped for thousands of years. The temperature inside the cave is constant throughout the year, 18 C degrees and in the final section of the cave is a lake with 200 m2 surface and a depth of 2 meters, the reason why water collected and formed this lake is the bottom of the cave consists of impenetrable bearing shale. To insure against outages also have a generator installed.

Alanya Dim Cave

Dim cave is one of Turkey's most beautiful caves. When you buy a house or apartment in Alanya, we at Nordic Trust Homes will be happy to show you this area, which during the summer is overrun with visitors who are curious about this spectacular and richly decorated cave. The cave is open all year to visit, there are restaurant with capacity for 150 people. Up at the cave there is a spectacular view of the Mediterranean, Alanya castle and the Taurus Mountains, you can also entertain yourself with trying to find a specific location from the terrace through binoculars.
Parts of the cave has been used as a residence during previous periods, later it has also been used to protect sheep and goats.
Dim cave's beautiful stalactite formations have been formed naturally by rain rich in carbonic acid and melt water rich in lime flowed down through cracks in the rock.

Admission Fees
Adults € 5,00 / 13,5TL / $ 7.5
Children (7-12 years) € 2.80 / 7.5 TL / $ 4.2

Damlataş Cave

Damlataş Cave is located on the beach of Cleopatra area, about 3 km from the center of Alanya.

Alanya Damlataş Cave


The cave was discovered by chance during excavations and blasting for the new port area in 1948. The cave is beautifully decorated with thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, was immediately taken under protection and port work was completed. The cave consists of an approximately 45 - 50 m long, 13-14 m wide and 15 m high space, there are columns that formed 15,000 years ago. The space is divided on two floors in the cave, which contains 2500 m3 of air. The temperature is always 22.3 ° C in summer and winter, humidity is 98%. The air in the cave contains a lot of carbonic acid. Although the cave is located slightly below sea level air pressure is 760 and the total space of the cave is about 180-200 m2.

Alanya Damlataş Cave

There is no possibility of subsidence around the cave can do any damage when the thickness of the rock walls around is about 10m. During the approximately 6 - 8 months of the year drops of water down through the cracks. The environment of the cave is said to be good for asthmatic people and respiratory problems due to four factors, the air contains 8-10 times more carbon, high humidity, low temperature and radioactive similar elements.



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