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Enjoy morning trekking in Alanya

Enjoy morning trekking in Alanya

If you have a property in Alanya,one of the most enjoyable activities is taking a walk in Alanya.

While you are walking through the natural and historical atmosphere of Alanya,the amazing breeze coming from the sea will make you feel very peaceful.There are walking paths on the castle and on the hills as well for those who love trekking.You can start walking starting from the Harbour of Alanya through Cleopatra Beach breathing lovely sea breeze and give break to use the municipality’s gym equipments which are situated on the pavement every 500 meters.

If you would liketo walk up to the castle,you can take the walking path which is starting right beside the Red Tower.Besides this path,there is another one starting from Damlatas Cave taking you to the Alanya Castle.You can find cozy cafes on the upskirts of the castle for those who would like to sit,have a drink and enjoy the beautiful view of Alanya.At the harbour area,you can walk from Alanya Munipality to the Lighthouse passing by lovely restaurants,bars,clubs next to each other.When you step out of your property in Alanya,you can find yourself in the centrum of Alanya which is full of leather ,jewellery , textile, souvenir,home textile shops for a great shopping and restaurants,cafes,bars and patisseries are at your service when you would like to have a drink or some snacks in between.In the centrum of Alanya,you will feel yourself as in you are in a huge open air shopping mall.There are walking paths,small centers,shops,lovely beaches and gym equipments on the pavements too in the districts of Alanya as well.After buying a property in Alanya,the most important tip which you should know is,it is the most necessary to have sun protection cream,hat between the hours of 11 and 15 o’clock.And remember to drink much water during these hours.There are many health benefits of walking such as speeding up the blood circulation,optimizes the blood pressure,minimizes the risk of heart and brain sicknesses.eases the digestion and prevents gaining extra kilos,boosts creavity in the brain,improves memory in seniors,increases stability,reduces stress,releases feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream,eases muscle tension so you feel less sluggish,increases the self steam,morale,and positivity,strengthens your bones and makes you feel stronger.


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