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Shopping in Alanya

Shopping in Alanya

If you are considering to buy a property in Alanya,you should read this brief information regarding shopping life of Alanya.

Alanya can be called as ‘’Shopping Paradise’’,you can find nearly every brand with its bargain price.If you would like to make shopping from local brands of boutiques,you can find them in Alanya Centrum or Alanyum Shopping Center.The most popular  clothing brands are L.C Waikiki,Roman,Koton,Adil Isık,A35,Moda Life,Stefanel,Mudo,Little Big,Mavi Jeans,Rodi  Jeans,Colin’s and Rodin Hills.

Besides these brand boutiques,you can find touristic boutiques almost on every street.It is possible to bargain on the prices at touristic boutiques.However,in brand boutiques you have to pay the price on the label.

The situation is same regarding shoes and bags;you can find many options of shoes and bags in the brand and touristic shops located in Alanya Centrum.The most popular brand shop is FLO located on Harbour Street and SCALA is the one where you can find quality shoes and bags which is located at the centrum of Harbour.

There many shops in Friday Market( Cuma Pazarı) where you can buy spices,Turkish delight,Turkish coffee,textile,souvenirs.In these shops it is necessary to bargain since the prices are unfixed.

Alanya is shopping paradise regarding leather and jewellery too.You can find the best prices for leather jackets and gold&diamonds.

Pasha and King Jewellery are the most popular touristic jewellery shops in Alanya centrum.If you would like to buy local design of gold,Altinbas Jewellery is the right address.There are only touristic leather shops where you can find different models of jackets on Ataturk Street and Friday Market ( Cuma Pazari).After buying the property in Alanya,we advise you to check all the shops before deciding where to buy.



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