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If you love nightlife, Alanya is most definitely the place to be...

Social facilities in Alanya

If you love nightlife, Alanya is most definitely the place to be...

There are so much social facilities to do in Alanya.Such as:

BOAT  TOUR: 6 hours of boat tour is a must do in Alanya with its open buffet and cold drinks.It starts between 9 and 10 a.m and brings you to the bay of Alanya Castle,Lovers Cave under the Castle,Cleopatra Beach,Ulaş Beach and Incekum Beach.Every boat is providing a nice lunch buffet and entertaintment.The boat tour costs between 15-35 euros depending on the concept.Some boats are giving HB tours( Lunch included,drinks are extra),some boats are giving All-inclusive tours which you can have lunch and drinks included.

JEEP SAFARI:  The jeep safari in Alanya takes 6 hours too.Just like at the boat trip,you get picked up from your hotel around 9 oclock and the trip starts mostly at 10 oclock.When you take a jeep safari,you can drive through the Taurus mountains,enjoy the beautiful weather and the spectacular view,have a lovely lunch in the midday and come back around 16.00-17.00 oclock.The price of jeep safari is around 25 euros  per person.

SCUBA DIVING: There are a few diving companies providing you diving services.If you are new to diving,the licensed instructors can teach you how to dive.If you are a pro already,you can enjoy the under water beauties of Alanya.The price is around 45 euros included pick-up service from your hotel.The most well-known diving companies are Magic Dive and Dolphin Dive.Both companies are giving world wide valid diving license called OWD Certificate.

QUAD SAFARI: You must take this trip if you are addicted to adrenaline and nature.You are driving with your 200 cc. Motor quads

through the narrow mountain roads.90% of the ways are off-road and it is a great pleasure to drive all those roads with your friends.If you allergic to dust,we advise you not to take this trip.The price of quad safari is around 25-30 euros per person.

WATER  SPORTS: Water sports is ‘’ another must do ’’ in Alanya.There is one water sports area in every 500 mt on the beaches of Alanya and is offering you jet-ski,banana,rings,parasailing.You can rent jet-ski on hour basis.10 minutes of jet-ski starts from 30 euros and parasailing costs around 30 euros per person too.

TURKISH HAMAM AND SPA: If you are tired of your tensed life at home and would like to get rid of your stres,this is the best option.

In Turkish hamam,you can get foam massage,scrub,washing and at spa,you can choose from many massage options such as oil massage,aroma massage,shiatsu,Bali massage,Thai massage,Stone massage etc.You will feel yourself after you get  out of Turkish Hamam and Spa.The cost of this relaxing service starts from 15 euros per person.

PARAGLIDING: Paragliding is another alternative for adrenaline addicts.The flight takes place in 800 meters,lasts around 25 minutes and landing is on Cleopatra Beach.The transfer from your hotel,insurance,guidance of your instructor and 25 minutes flying cost 60 euros per person.

NIGHT LIFE: Night life of Alanya is the most popular social facility.

If you are an outgoing person,you have to choose your property in Alanya close to Harbour of Alanya.

There are so many bars and clubs which are playing different kinds of music.In the season,every club is offering party with guest DJ s to it clients which makes the night life in Alanya amazing.Every evening you will have get confused about where to go.Besides the touristical bars and clubs,there are local bars too which are offering live Turkish music.The night life in Alanya Center begins at 22.00 oclock and ends at 3.00 a.m.There are two clubs outside of Alanya open until 6 a.m called Summer Garden and Club Arena.If you love night life,Alanya is most definately the place to be...




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