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The coppacabana of mediterranean - Cleopatra Beach

The coppacabana of mediterranean - Cleopatra Beach

Alanya is a 70 km. long coast town located at the South of Turkey.Its longets beach called Cleopatra Beach,world wide known with its beautiful sand which is perfect for beach volley.You may see restaurants,cafes,hotels and new built apartments on the other side of the road.The sea is crystal clear both in the centrum and outside of Alanya.

Cleopatra Beach is the longest beach of Alanya starting from Damlatas Cave and ending at Dinek with 2 km. length.The beach has taken her name from the last hellenistic queen of ancient Egypt,Cleopatra.According to the legends,the Roman general Antony has gifted Alanya and its districts to Cleopatra.Every time Cleopatra left Egypt for campaing,she stopped at Alanya,stayed at her castle and swam in the beautiful sea of Alanya.The legends say that she was going to the beach from the castle via a tunnel.


Cleopatra Beach is the blue flagged beach of Alanya known with its golden sand,shallow sea and wide shore.For the ones who wonder,blue flag is the program of FEE( Foundation of Environmental Education ) analysing the water of the beaches and checking if the beaches are matching up with all the hygene criterias.If the beach and the sea pass all the criterias,it gets awarded by the FEE with a blue flag.FEE is applying this program successfully in 22 countries.Cleopatra Beach has met all the criterias of FEE and proudly owning the blue flag for many years already and became world wide famous.When you look at the bottom of the sea with goggles,you can see easily see the fish.That is why every year millions of foreign and local tourists are coming to world famous Cleopatra Beach.The beach is open to public but the bed and parasol are on charge.In every 50 meters,there are small beach kiosks ready to serve you food,drinks and ice cream.Besides that,you can find many kinds of water sports activities on this beach such as jet-ski,banana,parasailing etc.Cleopatra Beach is attracting tourists in the winter time too;you can see many tourists swimming in the sea of this beautiful beach all year round.We strongly recommend you to sit on the beach and watch the beautiful sunset of Alanya.Everyday you can see hundreds of people enjoying this amazing sunset.