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After buying a property in Alanya or any part of Turkey,you have to complete the paperwork of your property. Iskan is the second most important document after Tapu at property buying.Tapu is being taken from the government and Iskan is being taken from the municipality. Iskan means residence permit showing that you can live in your property in Alanya.

Hereby,we will try to explain what Iskan is.There are 2 kinds of Iskan:

1-) General Iskan : The construction company finishes the construction and applies to the Municipality for Iskan.First of all,the municipality sends the fire department and ask for their approval that the building has been constructed according to the fire Project.

After the fire department gives approval,municipality asks the city defence department to check the construction.After defence department approves that the construction has been built according to the defence regulation,social security department checks the building. After social security department approves the building,special authorized architects and engineers control the building. After their approval,the construction company earns to have Iskan from the Municipality.

2-) Personal Iskan: It is possible to take Iskan as an individual. After you buy the property in Alanya or any part of Turkey,you apply to the Municipality.You pay for the Iskan fee according to the class and square meter of your property.After the type of the Tapu changed,you get your Tapu and personal Iskan..

Nordic Trust Homes will be delighted to asist you during this process.

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