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Residence permit in Turkey

Residence permit in Turkey


INITIAL RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION : If you have bought a property in Turkey or planning to start a company in Turkey,you need to have 1 year residence permit.The Immigration Administration desk of Police is authorized to give you this residence permit.

Please read our tips carefully and follow our advise if you don’t wish to have any problem regarding this subject.

Go to the police station 2 weeks before your visa expires and ask the officer what to do.He/She will give you one application form and a list of things to do before you make your residence permit application.Why 2 weeks before? Because there is a certain line of bureaucracy which you have to done with before you come back to the Foreign Police department ( Yabancılar Şube Müdürlüğü ).

Which are:

•Residence Application Form has to be filled carefully.Make sure that the information you put on the form( especially the address you reside) is correct because it frequently gets checked by the police.

•You have to pay for your residence permit document ( a.k.a Blue Book) and 1 year residence permission fee.You maket he payment to the Tax Building.The police gives you a document and there it is written how much liras you have to pay.Important: Do not loose the receipt which you get from the Tax Office because you have to give it to the police.

•Four passport-size photos.Important: Pay little bit more money and get 8 or 10 photos.You will need them when you want to extend your residence permit.Besides,it is always good to have some reserve photos.

•Declaration of your financial situation.You have to prove to the Police that you have enough money to live in Turkey.As you know,residence permit does not give you right to work and you have to prove that you are able to live in Turkey without working.Important: Some people say that it is enough to show a receipt of 6,000 USD change which you take from Change Office.At some point,there is a possibility that the Police can accept it but it is always better to show them your bank account.

•You need to give a copy of your Tapu.If you don’t own a property in Turkey,you have to show your rent contract to the police.Important: If you have a rent contract,you have to make sure it is notarized by the notary.

•You need to show to the police that you have a valid medical insurance.It can be either from SGK of Turkey or Private Health Insurance. Important: Make sure that your health insurance covers the period of your residence permission.

After you collected all your documents,double check the list before you go to the police to finalise your residence permit application.If you don’t want to hear that you have a missing document,you have to be very careful with all this process.If you are living in Alanya,your residence permit gets ready within 1 week-10 days.For the foreigners living in big cities such as Istanbul,this period can go up to 1 month. 


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