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Tapu is the name of the official document given by the Rupublic of Turkey,proving that you are the owner of the property in Alanya.

If you are planning to buy a property in Alanya or any part of Turkey,you have to know everything about Tapu process.

Here is an example of Tapu and the details of the document:

  1. Number 1 shows the address where you bought the property in Alanya.

  2. Number 2 is the place where you se eyour photo as property owner.

  3. At number 3,you can see the registration number of your property in Alanya.

  4. Number 4 tells you the usage of the land such as how many blocks,how many floors and how many apartments etc.

  5. At number 5,you can see the square meter of the land and the building.

  6. Number 6 shows you the type of the ownership of your property in Alanya

  7. At number 7,you can see the specific fraction of your ownership.

  8. Number 8 tells the reason of the Tapu transaction.

  9. Name of the owner(s) of the property in Alanya or Turkey.

  10. Previous Date ( is applicable)

  11. Previous location of the Tapu in the records (if applicable)

  12. Here you can see the current file location of your Tapu.

  13. The date of the Tapu changing owners.

  14. The signature of the Tapu Office director.


The official of the Tapu Office signs and seals two parts of the document: Number 2 and number 14.On your photo and at the bottom of the Tapu document.

If you want to ensure that your property in Alanya can not be sold or transferred to any third parties,you can ask the Tapu Office officials to make a footnote on the document.