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Foreign Real Estate Investment Increase in 2015

Foreign Real Estate Investment Increase in 2015

During past nine months 24,245 foreigners made investments in Turkish real estate including land and factories. Investments covered land surface of 5,636,078 square meters, resulting in per capita investment of 232 square meters. During same period of last year 17,686 foreigners invested in total land surfece of 4,407,390 square meters resulting in 249 square meters of per capita investment.

Number of foreign investors in 2015 increased by 6,559 people, which is 37.1% increase when compared to last year, while per capite of real estate area invested decrease by 17 square meters per investor.

According to General Magaer of Eva Real Estate Appraisal company Mr. Cansel Turgut Yazıcı, number of foreign investors in 2015, compared to 2014, increased by 37.1% while investment area increased only by 28%.


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