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Buying Guide

Buying Guide

It’s important at the beginning to do your research!  Start with making a list of all your specific requirements and gain some knowledge around different areas and regions, this will ensure you find the property that is best suited to your needs and will set you on the right track in the search for your dream property in Turkey.

We recommend you compare different real estate agencies and check that they are providing you the latest correct information.  Make sure that your real estate agent really understands your needs and can advise you about different regions, and always ask about their aftersales care and if they can provide references from satisfied customers before you begin looking for properties in Turkey.

Once you have collated all the necessary information about properties in Turkey and have decided you are interested in making a purchase it’s time for you to travel to the region of your choice to check out the properties which closely fit your requirements.

We highly recommend a viewing trip so you can check out the region and discover all the important facts about the area such as shopping facilities, local transport, travelling distances to places of interest, and even speak to people who have already made the move and are now residents in Turkey.  A viewing trip before you buy is an excellent way to search for your property in Turkey while experiencing the lifestyle and discovering what the region has to offer.

When planning your viewing trip keep in mind the amount of time you may need to search for your property in Turkey and aim to manage your time efficiently.   Try and view as many properties within your price range as possible, in order to compare what you get for your money in different locations.  Think about your own ‘tour plan’ and have the details ready to discuss with your agent when you arrive along with any questions you may have before you travel to your chosen region and begin your search for a property in Turkey.

At Nordic Trust Homes we are always trying to arrange the best price and most convenient payment plan for our customers. We are always on the client's side and negotiate prices according to customer requests and needs.  We have extensive knowledge of Turkish Properties and their prices and are always willing to share this with our customers to help them manage their expectation.  Full terms and conditions for your purchase will be provided by your agent prior to you buying your property in Turkey.  We pride ourselves on customer care and will always ensure you are completely happy before entering into the purchase process.

Once you have purchased your property in Turkey you will receive some important documents such as a Tapu (Title Deed) and an Iskan (legally approved construction).

A TAPU is an important document and proof that you are now the owner of the property which you have purchased.


General Iskan: It is the approval taken from municipality after the construction is completed. The construction company who completed the construction apply to the municipality that is looking after the area that the construction is built. Municipality sends the fire department to the construction to check if the construction is built following the fire project.They check if the fire equipment is object to legal forms and complete. After fire department gives the approval, city defence department goes to the construction and checks if the building is built obeying the defence regulation.After that the construction company needs to take the approval of the social security department.After that architects and engineers of the municipality come and checks the building.If everything is ok then the construction company earns the right to have ISKAN for the building. 

So if one wants to buy the property, then he should ask if the iskan of the property is ready..DON'T BUY A PROPERTY WITHOUT ITS ISKAN.

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