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Buying in Turkey

The next step is to sign a sales contract with a deposit, which is usually 5,000 euros.

The contract of sale indicates the currency in which the payment will be made, and the payment procedure:

  • Amount of the Deposit paid upon signing the contract of sale
  • Property Certificates (TAPU)

Sometimes the payment procedure may vary:

  • Deposit (10% of the cost of housing) upon signing the contract of sale
  • The second stage of payment, if the payment is divided into 3-4 months
  • Final payment on the day of transfer of the Certificate of Ownership (TAPU)

After receiving the necessary report on the valuation of real estate to obtain a certificate of ownership. In preparing the appraisal report, the expert checks the real estate, takes photographs, checks the registration with the municipal authorities, and then collects comparative information on prices. Report preparation takes 2 days.

Obtaining Your Certificate of Ownership (TAPU)

Property Certificate (TAPU), or issue a power of attorney. Final payment, all taxes and state fees paid.

When the seller and the buyer meet in the Land Cadaster Office at the appointed time, the Property Certificates are transferred by official approved translator.

When can I move into my home?

In the event that the property is purchased in the secondary market, the date of transfer is agreed between the seller and the buyer. This usually happens after the final payment and receipt of TAPU. As a rule, the buyer can move after making 70% payment.

How are utility bills paid?

We will help to connect / reconnect utility meters for water and electricity, we will advise you on the best ways to pay utility bills.

What documents are needed to buy property in Turkey?

First we need to get a passport and a local tax number. You will need a document confirming registration in your country, 2 photos 3x4 cm in size.

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Göran & Åsa
Thanks to Nordic Trust Homes for all help with the apartment purchase in Alanya, Kestel. We are very pleased with all service after purchase. We would certainly recommend..